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20 million people live in the six Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man. And there are another 120 million of Celtic heritage on every continent of the world. From England to the USA and Canada, to Australia and New Zealand and in South America and South Africa, these exiles keep the traditions of their ancestral homelands alive.

Celtic Link is for all these people and for anybody fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of the Celts.

What is Celtic Link?

Our goal is a bold one: to be the online home of the global Celtic community. To be a voice speaking to and for Celts in the home nations and for those of Celtic heritage overseas. In short, a one-stop-shop for all things Celtic.

What does that mean in practice?

First and foremost we are a hub for information about what’s going on in today’s vibrant Celtic world.

So on Celtic Link you will find:

• News of what’s happening in the Celtic nations and in the global diaspora
• Reviews of Celtic music, dance, art, sport, food & drink and culture
• Information about the Celtic lands and guides for visitors to the six nations
• Listings and reviews of Celtic festivals and celebrations around the world
• Information and news on the Celtic languages and other elements of Celtic culture
• Listings and contact information for Celtic organisations and societies around the world

We are also a platform for musicians, artists, dancers, actors, craftsmen, writers, photographers and chefs. Celtic Link shines a spotlight on these talented, creative people and give them a stage in front of the global Celtic audience.

And we do the same thing for businesses whose products and services enrich the Celtic world. Be they jewellers, travel companies, food and drink producers, event organisers or any of the other myriad enterprises keeping Celtic culture relevant (and commercially viable) in the 21st century, they will find a shop window here.

Celtic Link is also a place to exchange ideas, opinions and information on all things Celtic. You can do that through the website and through our social media channels. If you have something to say about the Celtic world, this is the place to say it.

Why Celtic Link?

We’re called ‘Celtic Link’ because we’re all about bringing people together. We are connecting the global Celtic communities to nurture, promote and raise the profile of Celtic culture.

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