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Leeks and lamb are the best-known ingredients in Welsh cuisine. Leeks feature in some of the most important dishes such as cawl (a meat broth with vegetables) and the Glamorgan sausage. Indeed, the vegetable has become a symbol of the country itself. Lamb is the meat most associated with Wales due to the country’s extensive sheep farming tradition.

Cheese is also a key ingredient of a number of staple dishes, including Glamorgan sausage and the iconic Welsh rarebit (melted cheese on toasted bread). Caerphilly cheese is the best-known brand.

Other famous products include Welsh cakes and Bara brith. Made with shortbread-style dough, Welsh cakes usually contain raisins and can be eaten hot or cold. Bara brith (speckled bread) is a fruit loaf soaked in tea before cooking – hence it is often known as Welsh tea bread.

One of the more unusual of the Welsh delicacies is Laverbread, made by cooking up a type of seaweed into a puree to be served with bacon or cooked into patties.

Beer is Wales’ national drink, with dozens of breweries spread across the country. There are also smaller producers of whisky, gin, cider, rum and sparking wine.

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    Welsh cuisine
    One of the more unusual of the Welsh delicacies is Laverbread