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Given its geography, seafood inevitably dominates the traditional food produce of the Isle of Man. The national dish is herring and boiled potatoes while crab, lobster and scallops are also fished in local waters. Queen Scallops – Queenies – are a particular delicacy. Freshwater trout and salmon come from the island’s lakes and rivers.

Smoking is a traditional form of cooking on the island and the most internationally famous local delicacy – the Manx kipper – is, of course, smoked herring. Salmon and bacon are also smoked to give a distinctive taste.

Local livestock, particularly lamb, is another popular delicacy. The island's lush green meadows are the source of excellent milk and a wide variety of distinctive local cheeses are on offer. Finally, the sweet loaf called bonnag, popular in local tea houses, is a very traditional Manx foodstuff.

Beer and cider are the main local drinks with a range of long-established and more recent microbreweries across the island. Okell's Brewery is the island’s oldest, established in 1850. Manx Spirit is a clear spirit distilled by Kella Distillers, who also produce a range of blended and pure malt whiskeys.

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