Celtic Festivals & Events - Isle of Man

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The Isle of Man hosts a range of food, music and agricultural festivals as well as some traditional events such as Hop-tu-Naa, a Celtic festival celebrating the original New Year's Eve (Oie Houney). It is thought to be the oldest unbroken tradition in the Isle of Man.

The largest event though is Yn chruinnaght (The Manx National Festival – literally ‘the gathering’), a weeklong festival that has been held in the middle of July each year in Peel for almost one hundred years. It is described as ‘a celebration of Manx culture and the relationship between the Isle of Man and the other five Celtic countries.’ There are performances by musicians and dancers from all the Celtic nations, as well as traditional craft fairs, workshops and lectures.


Manx National Festival                                  http://www.ynchruinnaght.com/