Celtic Festivals & Events - Brittany

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With dozens of festivals of all sizes throughout the year, showcasing their cultural, musical, literary, maritime and culinary heritage, it’s clear that Bretons love a good celebration. Here are some of the highlights:

The Festival Le Cornouaille, held in the western city of Quimper over six days in July, is dedicated to Breton culture and has a history stretching back almost 90 years. With 180 Concerts and all kinds of entertainment, from competitions for the best bagpipe players to bell-ringers and dancers, and the Great Sunday Parade where everyone dresses in traditional costume, the event attracts some 250,000 visitors.

The Festival of Brittany takes place in May at locations all over Brittany, with more than 300 events showcasing Breton traditions. 

The Festival Interceltique de Lorient, the world’s largest Celtic festival, is the daddy of them all though. This 10-day music, arts, dance, film and sport extravaganza is held annually at the beginning of August at Lorient on the south coast of Brittany. With 200 events and shows, it attracts some 800,000 festival goers and 4,5OO artists and is not only a celebration of Brittany’s Celtic tradition but also that of the British Isles and northern Spain.


The Festival Le Cornouaille (http://www.festival-cornouaille.bzh/fr/)

The Festival of Brittany (https://www.fetedelabretagne

The Festival Interceltique de Lorient (https://www.festival-interceltique.bzh/) bzh/)