Brittany - Food and Drink

When it comes to food, the region is probably best known for its crêpes, particularly the savoury version of the pancakes known as galettes.

The buckwheat flower used in them gives a distinctive crunchy texture and they are served with everything from bacon and sausages to cheese and mushrooms.

Given its long Atlantic coastline, it’s not surprising that seafood features prominently on Breton menus. Mussels, oysters, shellfish and other crustaceans make up a typical seafood platter, often served on a bed of seaweed.

For desert, a pastry of butter, flower and sugar known as kouign ammon is a popular choice.

Turning to drinks, apple cider is a traditional accompaniment to galettes. Cider mixed with crème de cassis makes an aperitif called Kir Breton. And it wouldn’t be France if you couldn’t get excellent wine, the best-known in Brittany being the Muscadet that makes a perfect accompaniment to local seafood.

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