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Welcome to Celtic Link; a website, social media presence and digital magazine that brings you culture, lifestyle and heritage from around the Celtic nations and Celtic people around the world. Celtic Link presents award-winning journalists, designers and photographers to produce an enticing look into Celtic living

What is Celtic Link?

We are a unique, innovative, international, cultural media organisation set up to promote the cultures and traditions of the Celtic nations through the use of quality digital and print media. We work towards ensuring the sustainability of Celtic heritage for future generations. As a team we pride ourselves on delivering the finest journalism to our loyal and ever-increasing global market.

As an advertiser we welcome you and look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship, inviting you to participate in what is still one of the most effective ways of reaching your potential clients.

There is no other global Celtic network in the world that rivals The Celtic Link. We are working hard to transform the Celtic world. We are a young company, but already have a rapidly growing worldwide representation.

We offer:

• A full colour, high-quality, free digital magazine produced by a dedicated team of journalists covering Celtic interests, lifestyles and events
• A strong online presence, further enhancing advertising reach through our Skyscraper adverts around the website
• A magazine with readers from around the globe, many of whom travel on a regular basis • An exciting publication supported by promotional offers and marketing initiatives
• E-newsletter to our members on a quarterly basis, adverts available in this, goes to around 40,000 people around the world

What’s inside Celtic Link?

The content of Celtic Link is designed to reflect our readers’ interests, creating an effective platform for advertisers to reach a targeted audience.

• News – Celtic happenings and items of interest from across the Celtic world
• Heritage and Culture – Exploring the common bonds between Celtic people
• Food and Drink – The best Celtic cuisine and beverages
• Personal Stories – Stories from the Celtic nations
• Views – Informed personal takes on the Celtic world
• Education and Language – Enhancing and understanding the Celtic cultures
• Music – Reviews and interviews from the top Celtic musicians and groups
• Listings – A roundup of Celtic events from around the world
• Leisure – A look at pastimes and pursuits
• Travel – Information not only on excursions to the Celtic nations, but also to places of Celtic interest around the world

Reader Profile

The Celtic Link covers the spectrum of Celtic lifestyles, environments and businesses. Our readers are enthused by Celtic arts, culture and traditions as well as modern Celtic themes such as travel, music and events. They are passionate about their Celtic roots and enjoy having a modern, vibrant media in which to celebrate their heritage.

Demographics of Celtic Link Magazine Readers:

• Gender: 55.5% Female, 44.5% Male
• Average Household Income: £48,000/year

Why chose Celtic Link?

Currently in its infancy, Celtic Link will be marketed to 100,000 people across the world including 200 international Celtic associations, libraries, local authorities and tourist boards. In addition, our magazine is available for free in a digital version via the website -, enabling a wider readership and actively breaking down geographical and economic barriers often associated with traditional print media in isolation.

The digital app will be available in all major platforms, Apple, Google, Amazon... This digital platform is further enhanced by having direct links from all of our social media:

  • Facebook - over 40,000
  • Twitter - over 1,200
  • Instagram - over 400 followers
As the world’s largest, fastest growing and most innovative platform to reach out to Celts and people interested in Celtic culture across the world; get better connected to your market through us. With a wide variety of print and digital advertising media to tempt you, here are a few other reasons to choose The Celtic Link:
  • A highly identifiable brand and sought after product offering within our target segment
  • Strong effective editorial
  • Increasing, loyal international readership
  • A focused and researched target audience
  • Free advert design and friendly aftercare
  • Advertising opportunities on the Celtic Link website and in the monthly E-newsletter (packages available for joint online and print advertising).
  • Promoted by agents worldwide

Celtic Link Online -

Clear, accessible, innovative, pictorial and fresh, Celtic Link website once again offers a brand new concept with the Celtic world. Young and modern, the imagery and language is aimed towards a new generation of Celts who are more worldly and demanding, and crave recognition as a genre in their own right. New music, fashion and arts are celebrated in an interactive, bright style which incorporates state of the art design and coding to allow users to upload content, review and purchase. This provides a multitude of opportunities for targeted advertising and communications, as well as sponsorship, competitions and market research. In addition to the site, we are proud to have a strong presence on a range of social media platforms which give flexibility in the way we communicate and share information. We are able to offer competitive advertising rates for sky scraper banners, please ask for more details on pricing, we have special introductory rates and discounts for monthly packages.

Celtic Link Monthly E-Newsletter:

Each month we produce an e-newsletter that acts as a tease for upcoming editions of the magazine, as well as direct traffic to the website and to and from our social media platforms. There is an opportunity to advertise your business to over 50,000 individuals, organisations and societies all over the world.

Advertising Rates:

Celtic Link is the leader in its field and yet remains the most cost effective Celtic magazine in which to advertise. The rates below are for single edition advertisements, however discounts of up to 25% are available for series runs.

  • Full page: £1,000
  • Back cover: £1,500
  • Inside back cover and inside front cover: £1,250
  • Half page: £500
  • Quarter page: £150
  • Eighth: £80
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We will work hard to strengthen your sales and build your brand. Celtic Link Digital Magazine is a quarterly publication with issues coming out in the spring, summer, autumn, and winter of each year. Our publication is directly mailed to our subscribers, circulated at Tourist Centres across the UK and displayed at Highland Games and Events around the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Plus, each print edition is sold through Pocket Mags in digital turn-page issues for readers around the world, the digital version is free to download and will be marketed to over 50,000 potential customers.

To book advertising space, please contact:

Editor - Colin Bradbury

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Celtic Link Ltd, Park Hoskyn Annex, Penhallow, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 9NB
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Information is subject to change at any time without warning.

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