About us

Who are we?

We are a multi-skilled group of people sharing a passion for all things Celtic.

In our team you’ll find a range of skilled content creators, including writers, journalists, photographers, videographers and musicians.

We have digital whiz kids who know all about the clever technical stuff that goes into creating and running engaging websites and social media accounts that reach the biggest possible audience.

And we have experienced business people that know how to make it all work financially. Because at the end of the day, we all have bills to pay!

We are all different but have one thing in common; we are ambassadors for Celtic culture.

What do we do?

We believe that Celtic culture should be preserved, promoted and celebrated, and that an understanding of a shared past enriches our lives today. While that culture is built on the heritage and traditions of the past, it is not static but vibrant and ever changing

It could be musicians using centuries old instruments and styles but taking them in new and unexpected directions. Or craftsmen incorporating thousand-year old designs and motifs into contemporary objects. In all cases, the past is the inspiration for the present and a springboard into the future.

Our mission is to find these exciting developments and to show them to the global Celtic community. By doing this we support and encourage those pushing forward the frontiers of Celtic culture, connecting them with like-minded people around the world.

We also highlight important events in the Celtic calendar such as music festivals, sports events and cultural gatherings. And we are a shop-window for businesses, from travel, hotels and heritage sites to food and drink, crafts and musicians and all things Celtic.

Festivals, Events and Bands

Celtic Link will also be the most comprehensive online source of information on Celtic musicians, bands, festivals, and events. Many talented groups struggle to be heard outside their local area. We are a contacts network for the Celtic music and dance scene, making it easy for festival and event organisers to find musicians from every genre and from all over the Celtic world. Celtic Link gives artists the exposure they deserve, enabling them to showcase their talents at national and international festivals.

Our Values

We believe that an understanding of Celtic culture, history and heritage immeasurably enriches our lives. Knowledge of and respect for our Celtic roots underpins everything we do.

We are open-minded. While we deeply respect history and heritage, we are not slaves to them. Anybody seeking to reinterpret, rejuvenate, innovate and push forward the boundaries of Celtic culture will find a home at Celtic Link.

We are open and inclusive. The Celtic community is vast, colourful, raw, passionate and creative. We believe that those within it are eager to engage with their overseas brothers and sisters. So we welcome contributions from anybody with something interesting and relevant to say about the Celtic world.

We are ethical. We treat our readers and our contributors with respect and hold ourselves to high standards of truth and impartiality.

We are practical and professional. It is possible – essential in fact – to balance our values with sound commercial practices. ‘Doing well by doing good’, you might say. Achieving our aim of providing world-class service to the Celtic community will only be possible if Celtic Link is on a firm financial footing, so we seek to work with businesses that share our vision.

Welcome to
Celtic Link

The home of Celtic Culture

Meet the Team

Colin Bradbury - Editor in Chief

Colin worked as an investment manager and financial analyst in London and Hong Kong before coming to his senses and settling on the north coast of Cornwall with his family at the turn on the millennium.

Since then he’s worked as a photographer and freelance writer covering business, sport and the arts. He has also established portrait photography studios in the southwest, been involved in running a non-league football club and managed a regional newspaper.   

With undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in History, Photography and Professional Writing, he has a wide range of interests with a particular focus on heritage, the visual arts and sport.

David Morris - Creative Director

David is an award-winning Writer, Producer and Director with a proven track record in advertising, branded content, live broadcasting, screenwriting and documentary. He has received 16 awards, including Best Documentary at the World Documentary Awards 2018, Best Documentary at the International Independent Film Awards 2017 and Best Documentary at IndieFest 2017, as well as 44 nominations – including making the OSCAR shortlist in 2018. A former University Lecturer in the UK and Guest Lecturer at TISCH, NYU David now works in Miami, USA as Head of Content for several clients including the Bacardi Portfolio and MillerCoors.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland he is Celtic through-and-through, a folk singer and songwriter in his spare time, with passion and creativity that radiates through all that we do at Celtic Link.

Andrew Morris - Founder

Andrew has a passion for all things Celtic. He was born and lives in Cornwall and is the driving force behind Celtic Link. Andrew is the founder and had the vision and inspiration to develop Celtic Link.

Andrew is a highly accomplished digital marketing and communications specialist with a superb track record in delivering bottom line business results and leading high profile transformational projects.

Andrew has extensive marketing and management experience. He has worked in the public and private sector and was Head of New Media and of Interactive and Design Services at Cornwall Council.

Andrew is also the Marketing Director of Lowender Peran - Cornwall’s most successful festival of Celtic heritage, culture and music.

Kate Reid - Music Guru

Kate, our review columnist, was lead singer of Scottish folk band 'The Midden' from 2002 - 2012.  Having recorded multiple albums with various producers and having toured extensively in the UK, Canada and Europe she knows what she is talking about.  

She has had a regular, weekly radio show on Celtic Music Radio for the last 7 years, talking about all things music and is still writing and recording.  

For good, honest reviews of Celtic music look no further.

Listen to kate

Jenifer A. Garcia - Travel Editor

Jennifer A. Garcia is an American of Cuban descent with a love of all things Celtic - including her own Celtic Link, Irish partner, David Morris.

She has a background in international education and media production. Her work took her through Asia, Europe, and North America for 10 years before she returned to her hometown of Miami. A writer and photographer, she exhibits her photos and continues to travel to the Celtic regions, recently discovering ancient connections in Galicia, Spain.

Her favourite aspects of Celtic culture are the folklore legends that add magic to the ordinary, and the art that transcends borders to unite the Celtic regions.

Want to join us?

We are always looking for like minded creative people to joine us, if you are a writer or videographer, or love your social media we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us on editor@thecelticlink.com