See the Isle of Man - at 200mph! It's TT time

You don’t have to be mad to take part in the Isle of Man TT Races, but it probably helps. For more than 100 years, two-wheeled petrol heads have descended on the island to race around its 37-mile course at speeds that seem to defy the laws of physics. And this year’s adrenalin festival kicks off on 25th May.

A must-see event for every true motorsports fan, the TT (short for Tourist Trophy) is far removed from the sanitised big-money world of Formula One and other corporatised race series. Here the riders are competing on public roads with no run-off areas or catch fencing to bail them out if they make a mistake. 

There are classes for various types of motorcycles, depending mainly on engine size, but all are in the format of a time-trial with riders setting off at intervals. The first week is typically given over to practice sessions, with the races themselves taking place this year from 1stto 7th June.

Those not travelling at 200mph can relax and enjoy the scenery, entertainment and food on offer during the event. Spectators can view the racing from one of the grandstands at the start/finish or from vantage points around the circuit.

For more details on this year’s TT, including schedules and practical information for visitors, go to: