Figgy ‘Obbin

A wonderful old Cornish favourite. My Mum used to make it with the left over pastry when making pasties! I always loved it as a child. 

Figgy’s are raisins, although Mum always used sultanas, and so that is what I do. I did post this a couple or more years ago, not long after I started my Blog, but as I was making it this week with my left over pastry, I thought I would do it again, with a new photo. There is no real recipe, for the uninitiated. It can be a moveable feast. I use rough puff for most day to day baking. 

For 3 or 4 medium pasties and an ‘obbin use: 1lb plain flour 4 oz each lard and butter [room temp] large pinch salt Rub the fat in roughly, leaving some small ish bits of fat. Bind with chilled very cold water. Knead gently until smooth [not too much] and chill for about an hour or overnight. I often make it the night before. 

Roll out your pastry [probably about a quarter of the whole] into a rectangle, fairly wide, with the long side facing you. Neaten the edges. Cover the pastry with your chosen fruit [raisins or sultanas - some will use currants], leaving half an inch clear at the bottom, for sealing. Sprinkle over some caster sugar [brown is good too, sometimes] and some mixed spice [optional] Tuck the far edge in, over the fruit and start to evenly roll towards you, keeping it as tight as possible. 

Dab the clear edge with a little milk to make it stick. Lift it onto a baking sheet. Mark the top with diagonal slashes [like heavy cake] and sprinkle over a little more sugar. 

Bake for about 40 mins at 200C Simple baking at its best. You can use shop bought puff, if you wish! Just as good for a quick treat.